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A/C Problems: When to Call an Air Conditioning Company in Las Vega

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A home in Las Vegas needs an efficient A/C system to keep down the high temperatures. Unfortunately, it also means you’re A/C unit works harder, which makes malfunctions common. While emergencies happen all the time, knowing the possible problems that could occur keeps you alert and prepares you for any issue. This way, you know when to call an air conditioning company in Las Vegas before the problem escalates.

Common A/C Problems Las Vegas Homeowners Face

A well-maintained A/C unit will serve you well and last longer, saving you the costs of repairs. However, the extreme temperatures in the desert mean the unit is prone to malfunction due to overworking. In such cases, you will need the services of a reputable air conditioning company in Las Vegas to keep your AC unit running. Here are the most common AC issues that Las Vegas homeowners face.

The A/C Unit Turns off on Its Own

When the A/C turns off and on repeatedly, it is known as short cycling. This occurs because your AC cannot complete full cooling cycling and keeps turning on and off as a result of the condenser or evaporator being clogged by too much dirt. Not only does this problem cause insufficient cooling of your home, but it also wears out your system much faster and increases the possibility of other problems developing. 

The Unit Emits an Unpleasant Odor

An unusual smell emanating from the A/C is a common problem that indicates damage to the electrical wiring among other things. Other than electrical damage, the bad odor can result from filth and even animal waste from birds getting into your AC unit. Since electrical damage is a hazard, you must call the best air conditioning company in Las Vegas to inspect and perform any necessary repairs to avoid putting yourself and your loved ones in danger. 

You Notice Poor Air Flow

The inability of your fan to blow adequate air through the vents could mean that your systems’ compressor or air ducts are damaged. With the constant wind that blows dust in Las Vegas, the ducts and filters can easily get blocked with dirt. Your ducts and filters must be serviced and maintained regularly by professionals to promote proper air circulation.

The System Makes Strange Noises

Although it is normal for your A/C unit to hum softly when on, strange noises signal a problem. Some parts may be loose or unhinged, or your fan could be blocked. If the noises come from indoors, it could be an electrical issue that is highly dangerous to handle on your own. Watch out for screeching and squealing noises as they are a sign of belt problems and bad bearings respectively.

If you experience any of the above problems with your A/C, contact your trusted air conditioning company in Las Vegas to have a look at it. Ignoring any of the above issues will only lead to further damage and higher energy bills.

Call a Top Air Conditioning Company in Las Vegas 

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