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UV Light Filtering: The Better Way to Clean Your Home

UV Air Filter

Are you concerned about your home’s air quality, or the health of your family? Instant Air now offers UV light filtering, which gives the air in your home a more advanced clean. UV lights are proven to kill germs, mold and other contaminants. 

As air enters your home, it can bring bacteria, mold or allergens with it. A UV light uses ultraviolet radiation to kill bacteria that goes undetected in the air.

A UV light will also remove potentially dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from your home’s air. VOCs are airborne chemicals that enter the air when you use cleaning products, fragrances, paint, and other household chemicals. It’s believed that VOCs can contribute to eye, nose and throat irritation, cause headaches and increase the risks of certain types of cancer. 

Additional Benefits of UV Light Filtering

While molecules that accumulate on your HVAC unit can harm your home’s air quality, they can decrease the system’s efficiency as well. Coils that are covered with a layer of film must work harder to transport air through your home. Professional UV light cleaning will ensure that your air is clean to breathe and won’t spread germs around your home. To learn more about our UV light filtering service, contact us today at (702) 466-1884.