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Experts Say You Should Stop Believing in These Heating Myths

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There are a lot of heating myths that can mislead you into making the wrong decisions in regards to your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. When you hear a hearsay myth, it’s important not to believe everything without verification, as it may either be false or no longer accurate due to technological advancements. In this article, we debunk common heating myths with facts to help you know the truth about what works efficiently for your home, and what doesn’t.

1. A Higher Thermostat Setting Heats Your Home Faster

Most people believe that by switching your thermostat to the maximum setting, your home will heat up much faster. However, cranking up your thermostat will not increase the speed of how it works. While it may increase the levels of heat it releases into your home, your home will heat at the same pace as it did before. Your HVAC system may even have to work harder to reach the high setting, and you will still have to adjust the thermostat down later on.

2. Turning Off the Air Conditioner Saves on Costs

A common myth is that you save energy costs if you turn off your air conditioner when not in use. While it may seem like a wise thing to do, it is only applicable in temperate climates. In hot areas, however, turning off your air conditioner will inflate your energy costs in the long run. When the air conditioner is off, hot air accumulates in your home so much so that when you turn it on, the AC will have to work extra harder to cool the room. Eventually, it ends up using more energy and increasing your costs.

3. Space Heaters Are Better than Furnaces

Space heaters might look like the best option for targeting cold spots in your home, compared to a furnace. Although space heaters make great temporary solutions, they are not as efficient as gas. What’s more, the electricity you will need to run them will inflate your energy expenses.

According to the U.S Department of Energy, space heaters cost 43% more than furnaces. As such, you are better off repairing your home’s heating system so that it can work efficiently without leaving any cold spots, instead of using them to heat all your spaces. If you are going to use a space heater, use it in a small room and keep the temperatures low.

4. Ceiling Fans Are Only Perfect for Summer

The truth is, you can use ceiling fans whenever you want as long as they are moving in the right direction. This means you shouldn’t reserve them for summer alone. Unlike an AC that functions to cool your home, ceiling fans are responsible for air circulation. For the best results, your ceiling fan should turn in a counterclockwise direction during summer to cool your home as the blades move cool air downwards. During winter, keep your fan rotating in a clockwise direction to pull the cold air upward and circulate warm air throughout the room.

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