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As temperatures dip during winter, the temperatures you set for your home can determine whether or not your home is comfortable and energy-efficient. While it all boils down to preference, it is important to know the ideal heat setting for winter that can help you achieve both comfort and lower energy bills. Here’s why you shouldn’t adjust it higher or lower than the recommended limit:

The Heat Setting for Winter Homes in Las Vegas

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the best heat setting for winter is 68 degrees F during the day when you are home. If you normally have a temperature setting higher than 68, it can be difficult to make an abrupt adjustment. As such, you should adjust it gradually and allow your body to get used to the new temperatures.

For winter nights, the temperature setting should be lower by at least 3 degrees. However, you can reduce the setting to 62 degrees F. This will allow you to sleep in a cool environment without freezing while saving energy. What’s more, cooler temperatures have been found to promote sleep. The good thing is that you can always wear warm clothes to bed if you feel cold.

If you are going to be out of the house, you should set your home’s temperature at 56 degrees F to help you conserve energy when no one is at home. By setting the temperatures lower than 55 during winter, you risk too much cold which may cause the water in pipes to freeze and burst.

For every degree you drop on your thermostat during winter, you can save up to 5% of your energy bills. This percentage is even higher if you use a programmable or smart thermostat.

Why You Should Maintain the Ideal Temperatures During Winter

The key to realizing cost savings without jeopardizing your comfort is by adhering to the ideal heat setting for winter. While you may be tempted to go higher or lower than the ideal temperatures, note that doing so may prove counterproductive. Here are the primary reasons you shouldn’t adjust your thermostat higher or lower than recommended.

  • Energy Bills. To save on utility bills, you need to ensure that the difference in temperatures between your home’s interior and exterior is minimal.
  • HVAC Efficiency. When you have a heat setting for winter that is either higher or lower than recommended, you overwork your HVAC system. This not only translates to high costs of energy but also higher chances of breakdowns and low efficiency.

The best way to ensure your Las Vegas home is at a reasonable temperature during winter is by getting a programmable or smart thermostat. You don’t have to manually set the temperatures as the thermostat adjusts it automatically. Not only does a smart thermostat monitor the temperatures in your home and adjust it accordingly, but it also allows you to monitor your home’s climate using your phone. 

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